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1[Practical Hunting -Small Monsters-]

This section of Practical Hunting covers increasing your effectiveness when fighting monsters. This information, collected from the important points passed on to beginners by the Hunter's Guild, is worth reading for anyone who wants to become a hunter.

2This section features information on the important points of Velociprey and The Others of the "Prey" Species. These small monsters are prevalent in many zones of the world, and are often the first monsters a beginning hunter will face. This class of monsters includes the Velociprey, Genprey, and Ioprey.
3There has also been confirmation of a white species of Velociprey. For ages this monster has been considered an albino variation of the Velociprey, but now it is accepted as an entirely new species known as a Giaprey. Any trek to the snowy mountains will almost undoubtedly include a face to face encounter with a Giaprey.
4The common feature among them is that they all travel in flocks. Alone they are not much of a threat, but they will work as a group to surround a hunter, attacking from all directions. Always stay aware of your surroundings, and try and position yourself so they can only approach from one direction.
5Depending on the situation, there may even be a leader among the flock. These monsters are different from the normal Variety. They are extremely strong, and can summon other members of the flock. They will also run off to a different zone to recover strength when they sense mortal danger.

(Use the Small Gap of Time to heal or Sharpen, But Do not take too long: You Don't want them Too Heal Too Much!)

6If you see this happening, throw a Flash Bomb to impede the leader's movement. It will temporarily stun the leader and allow you time to catch up and slay it. This technique can also be used if you do not have enough strength left to fight. Throw the Flash Bomb to cover your escape.
7Let's examine the many species of Velociprey that exist in this world. First, the Giaprey. Known to inhabit places such as the snowy mountains, it's capable of spitting an icy liquid. Smaller Giaprey will only cause light damage with this attack, but larger variants can turn a hunter into a veritable snowman, making this attack one to watch out for.
8The blue scaled Velociprey is able to cover long distances in a single bound and launch a deadly jumping attack. For a hunter still uncomfortable in the ways of battle, the Velociprey is a deadly opponent. The materials taken from this monster are quite useful, and are often worn by those aiming to take a step up as a hunter.
9The Desert dwelling Genprey is typified by its long fangs. These fangs have a powerful paralysis inducing neurotoxin that snatches away the ability to move from all who fall victim to its attacks. Medicines and herbs cannot protect against this paralysis, so the utmost care should be paid when facing a Genprey.
10However, thanks to its special properties, one of the key traits to materials taken from a Genprey is the paralysis attribute. Not just contained in its fangs, the Gendrome has Paralysis Sacs that can be carved from its body. These Sacs can induce paralysis on those who fall victim to their contents.
11The Ioprey is an iconic red monster that makes its home in the heart of the Volcanic Belt. Comparatively tall, one should beware of its poison spray attack. If you are poisoned by an Ioprey, it will slowly suck away your strength until you take a curing Antidote. Quite a dangerous situation to be in.
12The strength of an Ioprey is also reflected in its materials. Armor made from the red scales are a defensive step above those made from Velociprey. You can also make weapons with a poison attribute from the Ioprey's Poison Sacs or Poison Fangs.

(Use this to your advantage to make your first pair of Attributed Weapons- Example: Upgrade Hunter's Dagger+ to Frost Edge)

13The first step to becoming a hunter is being able to slay Velociprey class small monsters. The Guild is always accepting members for our Quests.

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