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1[Skills Even A Conga Understands -1-]

If you are ever going to end up at the top of the hunting heap, you must learn how to master Skills... Too bad they are so hard to understand! We've made this four part guide for hunters who need a helping hand understanding Skills.

2This part of the guide will cover the basics of Skills. Skills are special abilities that support all facets of a hunter's life, from movement and status to gathering and combining, with attack and defense in between. If you master their use, your world will expand leaps and bounds.
3To activate a skill, you must accumulate more than 10 of its Skill Points. Skill Points are set when a piece of armor is created but can be augmented with Decorations. These Decorations fit into Slots found on armor or weapons and activate Skill effects.
4Basically, all Skills are initially triggered by having at least 10 Skill Points in one skill. Some Skills have more powerful versions triggered by accumulating 15 or 20 Skill Points. There are some Skills with only one level, while other Skills have up to three.
5When a Skill has two levels of power, the amount of points required depends on the skill. Take the Faint line of Skills for instance. 10 Faint Skill Points will trigger Faint Probability Halved, while 15 points activates Faint Negated. The Wide Area Skill called Wide Area +1 is triggered by 10 points, while Wide Area +2 needs 20.
6Depending on the Skill, there is one more thing you should keep in mind. Skill Points can also reach negative levels. If you hit -10 Skill Points, you will trigger an effect with a negative impact. For instance, having more than -10 Faint Skill Points activates the Faint Duration Doubled Skill.
7Of course, no hunter is out to trigger a negative Skill; however, sometimes setting out to trigger a positive skill will bring with it some of the negative. Sometimes you just have to learn to live with the bad amongst the good and cope with the less beneficial Skills.
8Clearly, mastering Skills is an important effort for the serious hunter. Creating many pieces of armor and Decorations will allow you to try various Skills. There is sure to be one that suits you.
9That is all for our introduction to the basics of Skills. But as a parting gift, allow us to introduce a very special Skill. This Skill is called Divine Protection. Divine Protection will occasionally reduce the damage taken from monsters. Its effect isn't always a certainty, but it can prove useful.

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