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1[Practical Hunting -Monster Materials-]

You want monster materials, but you can't slay a single thing... There must be hunters thinking this right now. This report is aimed at these hunters, and in this edition, we will cover destroying specific monster parts.

2You can get these materials without having To Kill wyverns, All you have to do is destroy certain parts. There are two types of parts destruction: The first is cutting off a monster's tail and gathering the parts, while the second is destroying horns or claws and receiving a reward after a Quest is finished.

(Example-Attacking a Kut-Ku's Head to get Kut-Ku Ears as a Carve or Reward)

3There are wyverns who are prone to having their beloved tails hacked clean off, The good news is you can carve materials from these dismembered tails. Of course, you must be using a weapon capable of slicing to remove a wyvern's tail.
4To be rewared with materials: like horns of claws, you should make a concentrated attack on the part that you want to receive. You can confirm that you got it by simply clearing the Quest. This is a great way to obtain materials on Delivery Quests or when the monster you are attacking is not the Quest target.
5Of course if the monster is the target in a Hunting or Slaying Quest, you must fight the beast until you capture or defeat it. However if you are able to destroy parts of the monster in the process you can expect a handsome reward. If you feel you have enough of an opportunity, you should make your move and try to destroy the monster's parts!
6"I don't just want materials, I want to slay a wyvern!" Here is a tip on destroying pieces of a wyvern for hunters who think in this manner. Specific shots and melee weapons carry special attributes, of which some could overpower the weak points of a wyvern.
7If you match a weapon with a wyvern's weak points, for instance Fire or Thunder, you can cause a great deal of damage. ...What wyvern has what weak point? Well, relax for a minute and let me explain...
8To determine a monster's weak points, you should first look at armor made from that monster's materials. For instance, armor that is weak against Fire is a good indication that the wyvern it is made from is also weak versus Fire. However, there can be exceptions to this rule.

Example- A Kut-Ku piece of armor has strong resilience against Fire so if you are wielding a Fire Attributed Weapon, A Change of Element or Weapon May be a Smart Choice)

9You do not necessarily have to check armor, weak points can also be determined even if you only have key items. You can confirm things by taking these key items to the Crafting Shop... Just to recap, obtaining key materials from a wyvern without slaying it is called Part Destruction.
10If you find that you are having trouble destroying specific parts of a monster here is a little hint. Among monster parts, certain parts will have specific elements that must be used to destroy these sectionos. For instance, a Blangonga's Fang. You can only destroy this part of a Blangonga by exploiting Fire Element.
11Another example is the shell of a Daimyo Hermitaur, which can only be destroyed with blunt attacks. Rumor has it that elder dragon parts are also special, and that they must be weakened and then sliced before they can be destroyed. Clearly, a true hunter must try a variety of weapons and elements to truly master this valuable technique.

Hunting Life - A Monthly Magazine For Hunters
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