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I'm Black Devil of the fearsome Hell Brothers! You're reading this because you want to know about items, and lucky for you, the third section of my items course will tell you all about items used to capture monsters! Hahahaha!

2Very well, let's begin. Everyone should be familiar with Hunting Quests, I hope. Great! So you know that you can clear these Quests by either slaying or capturing the target monster! Huh? You didn't know that!? Ahh, well, weak monsters are always slayed, not captured. I guess you kids haven't gotten to fight the big boys yet!
3I'm sure you don't need an explanation of how to slay things. You just kill, kill, kill. Capturing is like that too, you just capture, capture, capture... It just requires some more work. First, you have to weaken your prey. You've got to beat the monster up until it wishes it was never born. But remember, you've got to take the beast alive!
4Next, you use a Pitfall Trap or a Shock Trap to stop your prey's movements. If you are fighting a small monster or one that travels underground, make sure to use a Shock Trap. Bigger monsters are perfect for Pitfall Traps. You've heard this before though, right!? You make both through combination with a Trap Tool. Never forget that!
5Once you've got a monster right where you want it, you've got to administer Tranquilizer to capture the beast. You can make Tranquilizer by combining Sleep Herb with Parashroom, and then all that is left is to throw it on a monster silly enough to become trapped.
6If you use a Bowgun, you can combine Tranquilizer with Small Bone Husk to make Tranq S. This special shell can be used by every Bowgun, both Heavy and Light, so Bowgun users need not worry.
7You can also combine Tranquilizer with Bomb Material and make a Tranq Bomb. Just lob it like a Paintball, OK!? This is the perfect item for all Bow users.
8Tranquilizer combined with a Throwing Knife will give you a Tranq Throwing Knife. Of course, obtaining one of these depends on your good fortune, and a truly prepared hunter would rely on this item as a weapon of last resort.
9Well, that's the long and short of it. With these items you should be absolutely prepared for capturing. By capturing, you can obtain items that are difficult to obtain by carving alone and you may receive some handsome rewards. Of course, there are times when things might not go your way...
10For me, when I must defeat two monsters, I try capturing one, and then slaying the other to carve it for materials. Of course, not everyone can pull off such an audacious strategy because not everyone is a Hell Brother! Hahahahaha!

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