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Hello to all my "Hunting Life" boys and girls! I'm Black Devil of the fearsome Hell Brothers! In this part of my items course, I am going to let you all know about support items... Hahaha!

2First let's examine Power Juice and Mega Juice. By drinking these, you can prevent any Stamina loss. On quests where you must deliver an Egg, drink one of these and run all the way back to camp non-stop.
3These juices aren't just effective for Egg carrying. If you are using Stamina draining weapons, like Hammers or Dual Blades, in tough battles against strong opponents, you should have some juice. Mega Juice can be made by combining Power Extract taken from a Gypceros with something else? What something else? I'll leave that for you to figure out!
4Next up are Flutes. You have probably made them before, but had no idea about their effects. I guess I'll have to be the key to your knowledge! The truth is that by playing a Flute, you can capture a monster's attention. For instance, it's a great way to distract a monster when someone else is running off with an Egg!
5Not to mention there are many different kinds of Flutes. One is called the Health Flute. By playing it, you and everyone in the same area will see a recovery in Health. Antidote Flutes, Demon Flutes, and Armor Flutes can also spread their Antidotal, Power, or Armor effects to anyone else within earshot.
6Flutes aren't really items that you will use by yourself, but when fighting in a group, they are incredibly useful. Occasionally a defect will cause a Flute to break, but in reality these breaks can be made rarer by using a special skill. What skill? That is for you to find out!
7Some items that are useful when hunting alone are Powercharm and Armorcharm. Just by having one of these charms, your Attack or Defense may rise, and you may not have to worry about things like breakage or theft. You can also combine these with something and make the items even more effective! Combine with what you ask? That's for you to discover.
8Let's see... what's next... Oh yeah! The Farcaster! It allows you to instantly return to camp. That's it. Finally, let's take a look at Psychoserum. By drinking this serum, it will temporarily allow you to sense the location of wyverns in the area.
9That's it for items, but before I go, I want to share one more important point on the subject. There are some items you can pass off to other hunters, and some items you cannot. Equipment with a rarity higher than 4 cannot be passed to other hunters. Don't forget that!
10As you can see, in this world, helpful items are a dime a dozen. Learning how to master them is an integral part of being a first-class hunter. What!? You know how to use items but you don't know how to get them!? Hahahaha! That is for you to figure out!!

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