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I'm Black Devil of the fearsome Hell Brothers! Even crying babies stop their sniveling when they catch sight of a strong hunter like me! I'm going to be giving a lecture on items for the subscribers of 'Hunting Life'! Hahahaha!

2To become a first-class hunter, you have to be a true master of using items. Now, let me show all those boys and girls who can't kill a wyvern a few items that can cause real carnage.
3First are Pitfall Traps. They are excellent items to use when battling a wyvern. Set up a Pitfall Trap in the field, and lure a monster into it... then they won't have anywhere to go! Thus presenting a excellent opportunity to nail them!
4Next up are Barrel Bombs. Large Barrel Bombs cause huge explosions when struck... A nice item I must say. You can physically hit them, strike them with melee weapons, shoot them with bowgun shots, or even throw a rock at them, but once it is hit, anything in the area, friend or foe, is going to go BOOM! That's why you use Small Barrel Bombs.
5Small Barrel Bombs are set to explode on a timer. If you set up a Small Barrel Bomb near one of its larger cousins and run away as fast as you can, you can cause an enormous chain reaction explosion without getting caught in the bang! This is an especially important move for all you so called Blademasters.
6If you set a Pitfall Trap, or a Large Barrel Bomb, the true problem is how to get the target into the trap. The best way with wyverns is to stop them with Flash Bombs or Sonic Bombs. You can also lure them in with Raw Meat.
7By placing Raw Meat out in the field, it will attract wyverns with a taste for this dish. However, if you mix this meat with a Toadstool or Stunshroom, it will have poison or paralysis effects.
8But it is also possible that you could be found before the meat. Wyverns are likely to spot you with their keen vision. Before that happens, you should use a Smoke Bomb. If you use a Smoke Bomb before they are aware of your presence, it will allow you to cover you tracks. Pretty stealthy, huh?
9For me, instead of spending time with that trickery, I'd just concentrate on something else. For instance, I'd use some kind of BBQ Spit and make some steak, and eat it myself. Eating steak is known to restore you Stamina. Alright boys and girls... I think you can see that items have a wide variety of uses.
10The one thing you have to remember about items is that the amount of items you can have in the field is fixed. You can have one Pitfall Trap, two Large Barrel Bombs, and up to three pieces of Raw Meat. Well, that's all for now. See all you boys and girls next time!

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