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1[Celebrity Hunter -Hooray for Bug Collecting-]

Hello everyone! How are you!? Since my fishing column was so popular, the magazine has requested that I write a short article on collecting bugs. I can't believe they think I have talent!

2If you've got a Bugnet or a Mega Bugnet, you should be able to leisurely collect insects. Even if you don't have large financial resources, you can pick up an Old Bugnet, which should do the job, I guess...
3In the field, there are lights dancing in the sky, aren't there? Those lights are actually insects. If you use a Bugnet in those areas, you can gather up insects.
4There is a large diversity in the bugs you can collect. For example, the Bitterbug. It is a bug famous with hunters for the large number of items it can be combined with. Or how about the Thunderbug, a bug that can be used in the making of amazing weapons.
5There are also giant insects that cannot be collected with a Bugnet. The Vespoid and the Hornetaur are two examples of this type of insect. Were you aware that sudden explosions in the population of these insects is known to cause significant damage to the surroundings?
6If you attack them outright with your weapons, they will scatter. If you are after these insect for materials, it is important that you keep one thing in mind... Poison. Yes. Poison. By killing them slowly, they won't scatter. Understand?
7Hunters should prepare Poison weapons, such as Poison S for a bowgun, or a sword with a Poison attribute. With these weapons, a hunter can acquire highly sought after materials from these giant insects.
8Their shells can be used to make armor, and while their normal wings are useless, the Bladefin of a giant insect can cut through things like iron, and can be used to make weapons. Moreover, Monster Fluid taken from insects is useful in armor crafting, and can even be used as a combining material, causing it to command a very high price!
9Finally, although it was previously covered by the Bone Elder, in places that are plagued by Vespoids, you can obtain a valuable material called Vespoid Abdomen. I've never seen it, but I'm sure it can be used to make an incredible weapon.
10That's it for my article on bug collecting. I hope that it has inspired everyone to take up bug collecting!

Hunting Life - A Monthly Magazine For Hunters
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