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1[Celebrity Hunter - World Fishing]

How ya all doin'? I hope you don't mind me taking some time to tell you all about my hobby... fishing. Of course, these are just my personal opinions.

2If you have a Worm, Cricket, or Firefly, you can enjoy the leisurely hobby of fishing. These live baits can be purchased at the Armor Shop, or acquired in the field.
3For standard bait, the kind of bait you have does not make a difference with regards to the fish you can catch. However, if you want to catch special fish, you should try and match the bait to a smell to attract the specific fish you are after.
4Any if the fish you can catch are considered useful to a hunter. Sushifish are known to recover physical strength, Knife Mackerel can be used instead of ore as a material to make weapons, and there are many fish that can be used to make ammunition.
5If you are trying to obtain high level ammunitions, I suggest you try combining materials with the fish you have caught.
6Now I will present all of you who have read this far with some special information regarding some special fish. First up is the Goldenfish. As the name suggests, this a beautiful, shining fish. It is incredibly valuable, thus commanding a high price, especially from the Guild. This fish is all the rage among celebrities like me.
7Although the Goldenfish is very rare, it lives in a wide variety of locations, so don't be surprised to find one right under your nose. For instance, in the Forest and Hills... find just one and you will have something worth more than the pennies I am being paid for this manuscript. It's like they think I have a ton of free time to write these things...
8The next fish on our tour of the waters is the Speartuna. One look at this fish is enough to know it is special. There really is no comparison to its giant silhouette... If you happen to catch one of these fish, you can use that spear as material in crafting a weapon.
9However, it is rumored that the Speartuna will only appear before hunters with true power. If you meet these requirements, you should certainly be able to spot one.
10That is all for today's look at fishing, but if this column proves to be popular. you may well be hearing from me again soon. Farewell!

Hunting Life - A Monthly Magazine For Hunters
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