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1[The Story of the Felyne]

The one and only hunter of the Felyne race! That's me. Of course, becoming a Felyne hunter was no easy feat.

2This is the first contribution to Hunting Life by a Felyne. For only I could force open the door to Felyne history! Well, that is enough introduction, so if you don't mind, let me tell you a little bit about the Felyne.
3We Felynes are a quiet race. For many years we have lived alongside wyvern and human, serving in a variety of roles. We have been salesmen and waiters, and it is not uncommon for a Felyne to reach a high position in the Guild, or become a top chef. We are also bound by a job placement agreement with the Wyvern race. We hunt for jobs in villages and towns.
4Since we have cultivated relationships with other species, we have many friends in this land. However, we are a brave race, and if faced with an enemy, we will stand and face them straight on. Despite our appearance, it is a good idea to avoid any confrontations with a Felyne.
5However, for hunters, it is even more important to be aware of our dark haired cousins the Melynx. Their curiosity may not kill them... but it may lead them to sneak up on a hunter and rob the hunter blind.
6They are quite irritating, but what they are really after is Felvine. If you happen to be carrying this item, they will steal it right out of your hands. I have no idea how many times they have stolen my beloved Felvine from right out of my paws... The point is, you have to be very, very careful when carrying Felvine.
7The good news is that you can travel to their dens and recover your possessions. You can also take things they have thrown away. There are Melynx in the Forest and Hills, Desert, and Swamp. If you are robbed in other areas, I have no idea what you should do!
8Since we happen to be in the same profession, I suppose I could provide some information on the Felyne weapons. First is the Catspaw, it can be made from materials like the Pawprint Stamp and Barrel Lid, and is an excellent weapon with a Paralysis attribute. With it, you too can become a Felyne.
9You may be able to find the rare Barrel Lid inside a Melynx den. Also, to create a Catspaw, you must use tickets given out by Felyne chefs. These chefs may give you a taste of my favorite food, and even make you stronger.
10That's all I've got to say about us Felynes. I was only paid five Felvines for this article, so I suppose I won't be retiring from hunting anytime soon. If you ever have a question about Felyne bravery, track me down and bring a Felvine... you can ask me anything. Nya nya nya nya nya...

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