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So! You've got questions about Decorations, huh!? Very well then! I'll give you some insight into my area of expertise, the secret crafting techniques of the Wyverians! Thus I am in a perfect position to explain the ins and outs of Decorations!


Decorations are items that are placed into slots on armor or weapons for the purpose of increasing the number of Skill Points. Depending on the number of Skill Points, Decorations come in sizes that require from one to three slots, with three-slot Decorations being endowed with the greatest number of points.


Of course, if you plan on using a three-slot Decoration, you should have three slots open on either your armor or weapon. However, the only three-slot armor is the U-Series, which is difficult to obtain.


Improvements to certain weapons, such as Bows or melee weapons, can modify the body of the weapon and increase the number of slots. However, armor and Bowguns only see their levels rise, and you are unable to increase their available slots. Remember this when trying to increase your open slots.


Decorations can be attached or removed at the Crafting Shop. While cost is involved, Decorations do not break, thus allowing you to try numerous combinations. However, it is impossible to improve a weapon with decorations attached, thus they will be removed automatically and placed in your item Box if you order any weapon improvements.


If you are wondering how you craft Decorations, you need look no further than the Crafting Shop. The main material used in Decorations are called Jewels. If you happen to obtain items like the Suiko Jewel or Akito Jewel, you should head to the Crafting Shop.


For a hunter, the proper usage of skills dramatically expands the range of battle tactics one can leverage, and Decorations are at the core of this usage. Thus, make as many as you can and try their various combinations.

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