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1[Combining Master's School]

Hello, I am the Combiners apprentice. This magazine had originally requested a manuscript from the master; however, he is very busy, so I will humbly be taking his place. Even though I just started working here...

2What is Combining? It is the mysterious art of taking two different items and creating a new item from them. Using items at hand to create useful new things is an indispensable skill for a hunter... or so I am told.
3They also say that a hunter is not a hunter until he is a master of combining things. Sure, it is just a combination of two items, but the amount of combinations and their creative difficulty make it something you have to study to really get a handle on.
4For difficult combinations, it is often the case that the success rate is very low, and the materials you had prepared to combine become useless trash. If this was to happen during a Quest it would be very disappointing.
5This is why their exists the Book Of Combos series. Written by my master, they are absolutely indispensable. As you acquire each book in the 5 book series, your chances of success raise accordingly. You should definitely buy these, and I am not just trying to sell my master's work. I really mean it!
6Now that the basics are out of the way, let me share a few tips I have learned so far. I suppose you know that if you combine Bitterbug with Honey you can create Catalyst, but did you know that combining Catalyst with other materials could radically increase their affectiveness?
7For instance, if you combine it with Rare Steak, known to recover stamina, you can create Power Juice, which will give you unlimited stamina for a short period of time. Catalyst can be combined with other things as well. It is also said to go well with monster extracts; however, I am not familiar with the details.
8Next I would like to explain how to create a unique flute. The first item to prepare is, of course, a Flute. You also want Medium Monster Bone. Combine these two with Lifepowder and Mega Demondrug. This will create a special flute with affects that can be felt by all the other hunters on the field.
9Finally, let me tell you how to create Max Potion. Combine the rare and dangerous Dragon Toadstool with strength increasing Mega Nutrients to create Max Potion, a powerful potion that rapidly increases physical strength.
10There are supposedly drugs even more powerful than Max Potion, but I haven't ever created one, as my master refuses to teach me these combinations... the Felyne shop across the way had no problem giving him the secrets though! Come to thing of it, I have seen him combining a special drug with some kind of horn...
11That is all I have to write about combining, I am worried that I was not helpful, but since there are so many facets to combining, trying things out is the best way to learn. Thank you for reading this humble apprentice's thoughts and have a great time combining.

Hunting Life - A Monthly Magazine For Hunters
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