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1[Practical Hunting -Arrow Coatings-]

In a previous article, we introduced the joys of Bows to the world. Now we would like to make the world just a little more joyous by bringing Arrow Coatings into the mix.

2There are four types of Arrow Coatings, each packaged in a bottle - Power Coating, Poison Coating, Paralysis Coating, and Sleep Coating. For Bows, which lack the special abilities of other weapons, the Poison, Paralysis, and Sleep Coatings are especially useful when strategically fighting a battle.
3Just like a Bowgun, you select Arrow Coating Bottles by holding down the (left) button and then pressing the (X) button or (triangle) button. To use the Coating, press the (O) button and the (triangle) button with your Bow at the ready. This action takes a while, so be sure you are in a safe place.
4Let's cover each of the Arrow Coatings you can use. First is the Power Coating. Knowing if a Bow can use this Coating, which raises an arrow's power rapidly, is critical. Bows that don't use this Coating tend to be powerful, but may be viewed as simple. The Power Coating is made with an Empty Bottle and Nitroshroom.
5The Poison Coating will spread its toxin in whatever foe falls victim to the end of a poison coated arrow. Poison does not just continue damaging a monster, it also impedes a monster's body functions. This must-use item can be made by combining an Empty Bottle with Toadstool.
6Combining an Empty Bottle with Parashroom, will create the Paralysis Coating, a coating that can paralyze a monster and make its immobilized body an easy target. When working with other hunters, this is a great item to use to create attack opportunities.
7The Sleep Coating can cause its victims to enter into the sweetest of dreams. Unlike paralysis, sleep causes a monster to close its eyes for a long duration of time, or at least long enough to set up a Large Barrel Bomb! You can make this wonderful coating with an Empty Bottle and Sleep Herb.
8Coatings are incredibly useful, but you must keep in mind that not all Bows can use all of the Coatings. Take heed in selecting the right bow and coating combination for the job at hand. When selecting your weapon, be sure to check the Available Coatings under Equipment Details.
9Thanks to Coatings, the potential for a Bow is limitless. When fighting powerful beasts, you should bring along not only your Coatings, but also Empty Bottles and materials, along with a Book of Combos. This is the path of an expert archer!

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