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1[The World of Armor -Improvement-]

So! You've got questions about armor, huh!? Very well then! I'll give you some insight into my area of expertise, the secret crafting techniques of the Wyverians! In this issue, I shall cover the topic of armor improvement.


The science of armor improvement is advancing daily. Due to this fact, I can only provide you insight into the state of improvement as it currently stands. The basuc flow of improvement involves taking armor and materials to the Crafting Shop and allowing the crafters to work their magic.


The most important part of improving your armor involves gathering the necessary materials. One of the necessary materials is a recently discovered ore called Armor Stone that has been layered and worked by the Crafter's Associaltion into an entirely new material, called an Armor Sphere.


By using an Armor Sphere, you can improve one piece of armor by one level. You can receive Armor Spheres as rewards for completing Quests. You can also acquire Armor Stone, at Pokke Farm. With an Armor Stone, you can combine it with Machalite Ore or a Killer Beetle to form the specific Armor Sphere you are after.


There is also a higher quality version of the Armor Sphere called an Armor Shpere+. And there is an even better version above that, but we will leave that for another day. What you need to know about the Armor Sphere+ is that you must have reached the limit of improvement with Armor Sphere before you can use it.


When you are improving armor, you are actually raising its Defense. You cannot; however, add more Skill Points or Slots to a piece of armor. There are some who are turned off by this fact, but since you don't need to improve armor to use its Skills, and it is easy to see which armor can be improved, I don't understand why.


Finally, I'd like to add one last point, Earlier I said there was Blademaster armor, Gunner armor, and common use armor are harder to improve, and thus will not reach the heights of power that Blademaster armor is capable of, Unfortunately, ther is no way around this restriction.


The materials needed to improve armor are relatively easy to obtain, so you should obtain as many as possible and improve as much as you can. When you feel you are stuck and can't defeat a monster, that is when you should go all out and improve your armor

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