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1[The World of Armor]

So! You've got questions about armor, huh!? Very well then! I'll give you some insight into my area of expertise, the secret crafting techniques of the Wyverians!

2As you may know, armor is special equipment used to protect the body of a hunter. There are five areas in which you can don armor - the head, torso, arm, waist, and legs. When heading off into a battle with a strong opponent, you should prepare the best armor possible... That is unless you have a death wish.
3Before we can even discuss specifics, let's talk about the types of armor. There is armor for Blademasters, armor for Gunners, and even armor that can be used by both types of hunters. No matter how nice the armor, if it isn't matched up with your weapon, you'll be unable to equip it. First check your status, and then pick the armor that fits best.
4The next point you must consider is Defense. Of course, the higher the better is the general rule of thumb. There is no such thing as too high, right? Another point of consideration is Element resistance such as Fire, Water, etc. You want the highest possible resistances with these as well, but some armor can have negative resistances.
5Next up would be a hunter's favorite... Skills and Slots. Skills can provide a hunter with many valuable effects, so you should select your armor to match which Skills you feel are needed at the time.
6If the Skills triggered by the armor itself just aren't enough, you can place Decorations into Slots on the armor to increase its Skill Points and activate new Skills. When you aren't sure what Skill suits you best, it is advisable to choose armor with as many Slots as possible.
7Another aspect of armor is the Armor Series itself. There are four Series' of armor in total: the Normal and D-Series, which can be crafted from the start, and the powerful S and U-Series, which require High Rank Items to craft. As long as you have materials, all of these can be made for you. Just be aware that they cannot be improved.
8Basically, the Normal and S-Series can both be crafted via standard means. S-Series armor has a slight color variation, but that is merely cosmetic and you may choose any color you'd like. D and U-Series armor are made of materials from special breeds of standard monsters and have a slightly different look and feel, as well as an abundance of Slots.
9Any piece of armor can be improved to increase its Defense. Hmm... that was an awfully long article. I'll have to keep that in mind during my next piece, which will be a special article covering armor improvement!

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