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1[The Gunner’s Book -4-]

The fourth part of my series will focus on the basic recipes for the ammo that can be made by combining. I believe one of the best parts of being a gunner is the ability to master all the different shots that can be used in a bowgun.

2There are three basic materials that you need to craft ammunition. Huskberry, Small Bone Husk, and Large Bone Husk. Bone Husk is the husk of a bone from a monster’s spine. Due to its extreme strength, powerful shots can be created using Bone Husk.
3Put simply, Huskberry is a material that is used frequently, while Large Bone Husk is used when combining to make powerful shots, and Small Bone Husk is used for ammunition with mid–range power. The most basic notion you should remember is that Huskberry can be used to make everything from Normal S to the most power ammunitions around.
4You can fill husks with materials from a truly diverse set of sources. These empty shells can be combined with materials taken from plants, fish, or monsters. Let’s go over some classic recipes for each one of these classes.
5First, let’s take a look at Plant materials. Berries or Mushrooms with special natural properties are quite compatible with Huskberry, also a member of the plant class of materials. This class generally creates shots low in power, but there are exceptions. Dragonseed and Large Bone Husk combine to make Dragon S, a great shot to use against wyverns.
6Here are a few recipes indicative of what Huskberry is capable of: Huskberry and Scatternut will create Pellet S LV1, while Huskberry and Bomberry combine to create Clust LV1. Moreover, by using Power Seed or Armor Seed, you can create highly effective medicines like Demondrug and Armorskin.
7Next, let’s discuss the Fish class of materials. There are a wide variety of Fish materials that can be used to craft ammo, especially those from an Arrowana, which prove priceless when crafting Crag S. Scatterfish can be used to make Clust S LV3, while Pin Tuna can make Pierce S LV3.
8Finally, let me say a few words about Monster materials. Using materials that were formerly a monster’s implements of war, like fangs or claws, to create ammo is known as a traditional method of supply. Velociprey Fang can create Pierce S LV1, while Ioprey Fang can make Poison S LV2. Finally, Genprey Fang is used to create Stun S LV2.
9It is also worth mentioning that Wyvern Fang and Wyvern Claw are both treasures when used as ammo materials. I have already mentioned some common recipes; however, there are many more ammo types than the few I mentioned. There are attribute shots like Flaming S and Ice S, while Demon S and Armor S make good ammo for supporting your comrades in battle.
10I believe the wide variety of shots a gunner can use is an advantage over users of melee weapons. It allows a hunter to adapt tactics and ammunition to the prey being stalked. A gunner who can do this properly is said to have truly grown into their position.

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