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1[The Gunner's Book -3-]

The third part of my Gunner's Book series will cover the ins and outs of the most important item for a gunner, ammunition. In part one, I covered the basic methods of attaining ammunition, this time i would like to talk about how to combine things to create your own ammunition.

2How to combine things should be common sense for an intelligent hunter, but for the sake of completeness, I will cover everything. From the Menu, select Combine, and then select two materials to combine. Depending on the two materials you selected, you can create your own ammunition.
3There are five advantages to making ammo.

1: Lower Cost 2: Able to make ammunition during a Quest 3: Depending on the ammo, you can create multiple shots by combining only once 4: Make strong shots not sold in stores 5: Use more shots than the area carrying restrictions allow

4About No. 1: Since a hunter can gather or fish for materials during a quest, and may even be rewarded for doing so, there should be no need to worry about the cost of creating ammo. However, even though it is hard to get many materials at once, you must be careful of buying materials at a store, since it adversely affects cost.
5About No. 2: Depending on the ammo, you will gather the materials in the field, or carve them from slain monsters. When you don't have enough ammo, you can replace your ammo in the field. Resupplying in the field is important when trying to slay giant wywerns or when presented with unforeseen circumstances.
6About No. 3: For different bowgun shots, one combination session can yield from one to four shots. Shots that you use more frequently will net a higher yield than other forms of ammunition.
7About No. 4: You create all of the different forms of ammunition via combination. High level ammo not sold in stores, and other special forms of ammo can be attain by combining materials. A top class gunner is also a top class combiner.
8Finally, About No. 5: This is one of utmost importance. There is a limit on the number of shots one can possess. However, there are many giant wywerns that cannot be slayed within that limited number of shots.
9So, gather up materials during the Quest, and when your ammunition has been depleted, combine these materials to replenish your stocks. When facing a giant wywern, this is one of the most important battle techniques for a gunner.
10That about covers the serious issue of combining. In the next edition, we will build upon this lecture and provide a recipe for creating various different shots.

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