A Royal Pain MH3U 3*

Objective: Capture a Royal Ludroth

Location: Deserted Island (Day)



Time:50 minutes

Success: Capture a Royal Ludroth

Failure: Reward hits 0, time expires, or accidentally slay the target

Terms: None

Details: "Anyone who's anyone in high society has a pet Royal Ludroth. They're so orange! So Squishy! I absolutely must have one! Do TRY not to hurt it badly, you brute. I suppose a few minor scrapes are acceptable..." - Lord's Beloved Daughter

Reward A

Item Name # %
Royal Ludroth Scale 1 100%
Spongy Hide 1 26%
Dash Extract 1 17%
Royal Ludroth Scale 1 16%
Aqua Sac 1 12%
Royal Ludroth Claw 1 10%
Royal Ludroth Crest 1 10%
Quality Sponge 1 9%

Reward B

Item Name # %
Honey 3 100%
Honey 1 20%
Paintberry 2 20%
Herb 2 20%
Blue Mushroom 1 16%
Felvine 2 14%
Ivy 1 10%

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