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??? (Japanese ???) or Unknown, are a class of monster first introduced in Monster Hunter 4. These monsters belong to an as-of-yet unknown class within the context of the game. The difference between this class and the Unclassified Monster class is that these monsters have been officially identified in-game as unknown, whereas the typing of Unclassified Monsters is not referred to at all within the game. Thus far, this class only includes three monsters: The Gore Magala along with its Variant, Chaotic Gore Magala, Estrellian and its subspecies.

Fourth Generation ???

Frontier Generation ???

None / Unconfirmed.

Monster Hunter Online ???


  • ??? were introduced in the Fourth Generation of the Monster Hunter series and as such, no ??? existed in the Generations prior to Fourth and in Monster Hunter Orage.
  • There are currently no new ??? in the Frontier Generation series.

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