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Monster of the week ( Nerscylla )

The spider queen is coming to bath in the blood of those before her.
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I got my phone back,but now it's completely dead,looks like I'm stuck with this 512mb ram phone.

Speaking of being stuck,which monster was your biggest wall for the longest time?

I think I don't need to tell mine

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Shakalaka KS

My skalakas keep stealing my kills.
It feels kind of shameful
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Windy boi in FU

So i killed the rathalos and ive been puuting this guy off for a while and been doing other 4 star quests but now i need to smack him. he was bad enoogh in world, what are some tips
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Hello my fellow kids:

I personally don't play MHW, but i love the monsters designs, so I noticed yjat few monsters (like kestodon) have no renders yet. So what the OOF happened to those poor critters' renders?

English is not my first language, please be kind :)

TL;DR: What the oof MHW, where the oof are the flippin' renders?

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Nagaitia... it's my Khezu/ Gigginox type monster
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Arch Zorah tips

1 .Partbreaker helps against the magmacore since your breaking its body and it gives a nice damage boost
2. Use fire resist because if you dont those rapid magmacore explosions are going to eat your health away quickly
3Have a farcaster since when you get back on zorah after going to the cannons part you cant get off after you break it
4Heavy artillery helps out alot since you do more damage with the cannon and your going to be using them alot
5. Use the falling mechanic to your advantage since sends you near where you jump off to the dragonator Add more tips below if have some
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AT Zorah Magdaros

So I fought this thing like 3 times already, and it's really damn easy but mind the clock. I was wondering if there were any noticible changes that anyone saw when fighting him. So far the only changes I see in the fight is that the magma core on his head regenerates, so you'll have to break it more than once, and that he does that really strong charge blast attack WAY more often.
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Need help breaking xeno jiva’s horns

I need some help get xeno jiva’s horns for the final nergigante dual blades
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Favorite Partner Weapon (that U don’t use)

I love to watch heavy bow gun and IG users do their thing while I’m jammin away on hh. Switch axe is fun to watch too.

On the other hand when I use GS I like to see gunlance users tactically obliterate And light bow gun users run around like Neo in the matrix
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AT Lunastra Tips? (I know 1 day left)

I have wind resist, knock back resist, fire resist all at max. (Lunastra beta set with mad decoration slots) my hp is at max, defense even boosted plus ten with a tiny gem. Deep Vero HH. That’s Attack up (L), Defense up (L), health boost (L), wind negate.

Everyone I play with carts instantly. I thought it’d be easier to set the quest to two players—still a mistake. Instant carts on their parts. 4 players- she is too strong. HALP
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Monster Appreciation Week: Boltreaver Astalos

This week we look at Dreadking Rathalos's Rival, better known as the Lightning Revolt, Boltreaver Astalos!

Monster Appreciation Week: Boltreaver Astalos
Monster Appreciation Week: Boltreaver Astalos Monster Hunter Wiki
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Logical explanation for... BORING WEAPONS DESIGNS IN WORLD

Fuck MHW weapons reskins



calm down your tits dudes, there is a really logical explanation of all this... Im talking about lore obviously cuz yeah Capcom was lazy as hell but here is the fault...

The Smith is a human... and all his work partners are also humans...

Forging and designing weapons is a hard work in the MH universe, you need to know with what you are working and how you will work it, some materials might be dangerous to work and only the skillest smiths know how to work with this materials, we also know that wyverians tend to have good smithing skills, and the ones who are official smiths are a lot more better than humans and even troverians. The 2nd Fleet master is a human... WITH ONE FUCKING EYE, how the hell you will design good weapons if you are basically a pile of shi- *banned*

And his partners are literally young mans... unskilled young mans... they would injure or kill themselves if they try to forge a good weapon with dangerous materials, also the fact that the best smith in the Astera is one-eyed, leads them to do all the design and forge themselves, can you imagine the 2nd Fleet master trying to do a good Lunastra or Xeno Jiiva weapon? hell, even a Pukei-Pukei weapon? Thats why he is the one that commands all the forge and his team just follow instructions. Also since he has been in the New World for about 30 years (Im not sure about that) he could left the Old World as a young unexperienced smith, whitout learning or watching how to do... efficient/creative equipment designs... who knows

This is kinda a logical theory about the weapons designs, I dont like it of course, but at least you can live with this tiny explanation and hate the 2nd Fleet Master instead of the game itself *sighs* where are you my beautiful wyverians smiths *remembers MH3, MH4 and MHGen*

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I was testing oit a hammer build and i hunted a tempered tobi and from a gray stone i got a ATTACK JEWEL and that marks my 3rd
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Arts show time a little far now...

So my 2 arts got a really big problems so I gotta draw all over again
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Did you notice?

Before World,when you sheathe your LS while moving,the LS is upside down before disappearing into the sheath. Same with the GS,minus the sheath.

So what else that you noticed or didn't noticed until now?

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Its boss

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Solo behemoth

Have any of you soloed behemoth, and if so, do you have tips or equipment sets that are good for him?
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